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Ireland's National Marian Shrine, Knock, County Mayo, Ireland
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Programme Elements

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  • A guided tour of Knock Shrine
    Students get a chance to see the actual site of the apparition and hear details of the events around the evening it took place
  • Visit to Knock Museum
    Students can step back in time and see how their counterparts lived at the time of the Apparition in 1879 and see artefacts and accounts from the witnesses of the Apparition
  • Self-reflection Workshops
    Students are invited and enabled to go on an inward journey of self-discovery. They are given an opportunity to reflect on themselves and their lives in light of the Christian faith. By helping them to become more aware of God’s love and Gospel values we hope to enable them to make more informed decisions when faced with the choices life presents.
  • Youth and the Sacraments Workshops
    The students are enabled to form and experience a link between the Sacraments and their lives in an informative, creative and enjoyable way.
  • Meeting with Cenacolo
    A centre for young recovering drug addicts who are overcoming their difficulties through sharing in a community of faith. The young people share their story of how they fell into the drug trap and how faith has been an important part of their recovery.
  • Testimonies
    Real life stories of how faith has changed young peoples lives
  • Reconciliation Service
    Provides the students with an opportunity to avail of individual confessions. This includes preparation and an examination of conscience, which enables them to make an informed choice about the sacrament. This is carried out in a non-threatening creative and reflective way, which is attractive to young people.
  • A Time of Reflection and Prayer
    Creating a silent space where the students can experience God with the aid of meditation and music
  • Mass in The Apparition Chapel
    The Masss is central to the message of Knock. We aim to deepen the students’ understanding and appreciation of the mass.

Ireland's National Marian Shrine, County Mayo, Ireland T: +353 (0) 94 9388100 F: +353 (0) 94 9388295 Site by Aró

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