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Ireland's National Marian Shrine, Knock, County Mayo, Ireland
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Youth Ministry

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The Youth Ministry Team at Our Lady’s Shrine in Knock aims to:

Draw young people to the Shrine 
Facilitate them as their faith journey


The Knock School Retreat Programme has very successfully enabled thousands of young people to experience God’s love in a powerful way. The retreat empowers them to continue this experience through the Catholic Church in their own parish.

With the greater emphasis on world religions in the classroom, it is essential that our students have a concrete understanding and positive experience of their own faith.

Many young people today find the Catholic Church dated and out of touch with their lives. The School retreat programme in Knock aims to make a connection between young peoples lives and how the Church is a “gift” to their reality.

In a nut shell…we want our young people to recognise their need for Jesus…and create a space for them to experience His love!

We can cater the day to suit the needs of your students. The programme is five hours fifteen minutes.
The Programme is adapted to the needs of different age-groups.

We cater for:
1. Primary schools (Communion and Confirmation classes)
2. Secondary schools
3. Third-level colleges

Confirmation and First Holy Communion Retreats
The focus of our programme in relation to their sacraments is to bridge the gap between the child’s life experience (where they are at) and the relevance of confirmation and communion(what’s in the sacrament for them). In short we aim to stir a hunger and enthusiasm within the children for the sacrament.

The programme cost €10 per student

Over-night retreats can be accommodated

For any further information or to book a retreat please contact Knock Youth Ministry at 094-9388100

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